Best Whale Watching Destinations: Island of Hawaii

Written by ThomasSteinmetz

Whale watching season in Hawai’i at Mauna Kea Resort. Observe the humpback whale migration, which passes by the Island of Hawaii from late November to late April. These humpback whales have a strong cultural significance in Hawaii, as native Hawaiians view the whale is the representation of the Hawaiian god Kanaloa – the god of all ocean life. 

Where to Stay: At Mauna Kea Residences, guests can enjoy all of the amenities at the resort properties – Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and Westin Hapuna Beach Resort – during their stay, with the space and comfort of a vacation rental. From outrigger canoeing and Manta Night Swims to world-class oceanfront dining and luxury spas, Mauna Kea caters to every aged traveler. Generations of families have long flocked to Mauna Kea not only for its extraordinary island setting and endless amenities but also for its premier whale-watching location. From the upper balconies of the oceanfront Hapuna Beach Residences, guests can enjoy panoramic ocean views, offering one of the best spots to marvel at the whale’s aquatic performances.

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